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The records we've found from Ellis Island show that most of the Pelczarski's who came to the United States were from a small region in far Southeast Poland known as Galicia. Until the partition of Poland (1795-1914) ended, this area was controlled by Austria, which is why the immigration records from around 1900 show Austria as the country of origin.

Wikipedia: Partitions_of_Poland

Here is modern Poland, with Galicia noted in the southeast corner:


And here is an enlargement of Galicia, with the regions around Długie and Korczyna highlighted. My grandfather was from Długie, and many Pelczarski's listed Korczyna and other villages in Galicia or Galicy in the immigration register.


Here is the same area in a MapQuest map, showing Długie labeled, just west of Sanok. My second cousins named Pelczarski still live in and near Długie: