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Add Your Family

To access the data in the Pelczarski family tree, you yourself must be part of the family tree. Fill out as much information in the form below as you can to the best of your ability. It doesn't matter if you don't know where your family fits into this set of family trees. Provide as much information as you can, and over time we may fit more branches together.

Names, relationships, dates, and locations are most useful in placing people in the tree. If you don't know an exact date but you know the year, just list the year. If you don't know a year, approximate as best you can but put a question mark after it.

Locations also help identify whether two people in the tree with the same name might or might not be the same person. Give cities, towns, and/or states, if known, countries if at all possible. If there were multiple places of residence, it's okay to list them. More information is better than less.

You don't have to know or complete everything below. Send as much information as you can and want. We'll add as much as we are able. If you prefer to send your information in an e-mail instead of using the form below, that's okay.

NameRelation (to...)BirthdateBirth placeLived in... Date of death?
we are using birth names in the tree. put married last name in parentheses, such as:
"Maria Slomiana (Pelczarski)"
"myself", "my father", "mother of George", "brother of Mary",... best: exact date
good: year
unsure: year? (use ? after your best guess)
(town, state/country)(town, state/country) unsure: year? (use ?)
good: year
better: exact
best: blank!
Marriages: namesWedding date or year, if known

Additional information:

Your name:

Your e-mail address!!

Please type your e-mail address again here, just so we know it's right:

In the future, we'll add more information: occupations, short bios, and photos, so if you are gathering information add as much as you can! You can put as much into the "additional information" box as you want.

Once properly received, we'll set up a login for you to the family tree and notify you by e-mail. We'll try to get back to you quickly, but please allow up to a few days in case work has gotten in the way. If you don't hear back within a few days, please DO send a follow-up e-mail using the link above, just in case there was an issue in receiving the response. - Mark